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Международный студенческий научный вестник
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Кошелев Д.С. 1 Клинкова Е.В. 1
1 Комсомольский-на-Амуре государственный технический университет
1. Першина Е.Ю. Интенсификация профессиональной коммуникации на занятиях иностранному языку в техническом вузе / E.Ю. Першина // Общество: социология, психология, педагогика. – 2012. – №2. – С.119–123.

As an area of professional activity « Special electromechanical systems » includes the variety of scientific spheres, technologies, complex of technical devices, methods and techniques, that realized during the testing and exploitation of products, mechanisms and electromechanical systems, maintenance of the devices to keep them functional.

This speciality is responsible for tech support of aerospace programs, defense industry, power industry, oil production, chemical industry, wind and hydropower. Power-producing units provide us energy all the time, their components become more complex for last decades, and amount of stations is increasing every year. Hundreds of engineers required to service the station and modernize it. Defense and aerospace industries also demand reliable and inventive professionals to create new types of vehicles, find effective sources of energy and provide the protection of homeland. There are hundreds of variations where you can find your best sphere, and the amount of working places is always growing, as technical progress develops all the time and appears everywhere the humankind exist.

At the moment, speciality is investigating such perspective directions as new types of electric heating devices, decentralized energy systems with non-conventional electromechanical energy converters, improvement of energy converters for domestic and industrial purposes, calculation and analysis of electromagnetic and temperature fields in electromechanical energy converters.

Special electromechanical systems provides great knowledge in the principles of mechanisms and possibilities to express your skills in such difficult and remarkable activity. You can always find new goals to achieve and move science forward to new discoveries.

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Кошелев Д.С., Клинкова Е.В. СПЕЦИАЛЬНЫЕ ЭЛЕКТРОМЕХАНИЧЕСКИЕ СИСТЕМЫ // Международный студенческий научный вестник. – 2016. – № 4-5. ;
URL: https://eduherald.ru/ru/article/view?id=16512 (дата обращения: 22.03.2023).

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