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Винников А.В. 1 Матюшко А.В. 1
1 Комсомольский-на-Амуре государственный технический университет
1. Эд Титтел, ДжеффНоубл. HTML, XHTML и CSS для чайников, 7-е издание = HTML, XHTML & CSS ForDummies, 7th Edition. – М.: «Диалектика», 2011. – 400 с.

HTML-document is a usual text file, which contains construction of language HTML. That is why you can create this document in usual texts editors, like Note, and save new files with extension htm or .html. The point of HTML-document is marking text using control symbols – tags, which locate in angle brackets. Angle brackets contains codes, which can be recognized by browser. Majority of tags have pair, have opening element <> and closing element.HTML-document must always begin with opening tag <html> and end with closing </html>.Inside it, like in container, there are two blocks: information service block <head>...</head> and block <body>...</body> (body of page), which contains visual browser information: textures, pictures, audio and video, animation and models.Inside block <head>...</head> there is block <title>...</title> and meta-tags, which have servise information. Text between tags <title>...</title>.is displayed in the title bar of the browser.

In HTML-document meta tags have information for browsers and search engines. Most meta tags are not necessary.Using meta tags you may find the name of the author of site, change text encoding for correct displaying and write key words which will be used by search engines to search the information contained on your page. Formalization of HTML-document HTML tags can contain attributes, which are the parameters and properties of the markup document.Attributes <body> tag define the appearance of the whole webpage, while some other elements, such as headers and tables can have their own special design.The choice of color of the page, the background image and text color is very important, because it effects on visual perception of the entire site.Color pages are specified by color, and color of the text – text. The value of attribute is color, which gets its name in English or in hexadecimal.The most important structural elements of a web page are headlines and paragraphs.There are six levels of headings, which are designated M, h2,...h6. Special tags are used to describe each level, for example , for third level – <h3> and </h3>. The title of level 1 is the largest, and level 6 – the smallest by default.To align the text (in a paragraph or heading) on the page we use the attribute align, having a value of: align = center (center alignment).

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Винников А.В., Матюшко А.В. СТРУКТУРА HTML ДОКУМЕНТА // Международный студенческий научный вестник. – 2016. – № 4-5. ;
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