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Melnikov P.N. 1
1 Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University
1. Гальперин М.С. Реформа vs революция: эволюция vs искусственный прорыв // Ученые записки Комсомольского-на-Амуре государственного технического университета. 2013. Т. 2. № 1 (13). С. 18-22.
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In today's Russia there goes a difficult and lengthy search for its own path of development because a simple transfer of other states' ideas, as evidenced by the historical practice, is extremely difficult and ultimately futile [1]. This raises the question, which model of development, Western or Chinese, is more suitable for Russian conditions and specifics? As you know, Russia was in constant cultural, socio-economic and political contacts with its neighboring great neighbor. Therefore, any significant phenomena and processes in the inner life of one of the country were reflected in the life of the other [2]. It is necessary to note the presence of a certain similarity in the state system and the nature of power in Russia and China in terms of total control over all aspects of society. The reforms in Russia, as those in China, were followed by a sharp political struggle between their supporters and opponents, which turned into an end in itself, leaving aside the specific content of the reforms and their benefits for the state. However, this should not be seen as an argument in favor of ignoring the national specificity and a certain «modellity» of the development experience of both countries in respect to each other [3]. China's leadership chose a new version of its own capitalism and involvement in the world economy, combined with political authoritarianism and a return to traditional Chinese culture. It defined the real purpose of reforming the society by making an objective assessment of the available domestic resources and external sources. The successful start of the planned changes was a healthy reaction of the new leadership to the negative past, expressed in a desire to get away as far as possible from it. China's rise is associated with a significant increase in production, which can be observed in all spheres at that. Since December 2014, China is the first economy in the world by GDP, the world leader in the majority of industrial products and the world's largest exporter. The country has one of the world's major currencies, half of the world's foreign exchange reserves and the largest gold reserves in the world.

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Melnikov P.N. CAN CHINESE EXPERIENCE HELP RUSSIA? // Международный студенческий научный вестник. – 2015. – № 4-4. ;
URL: https://eduherald.ru/ru/article/view?id=13640 (дата обращения: 28.02.2024).

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