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Международный студенческий научный вестник
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With the strengthening of Russia’s position on the world arena takes place an integration with foreign partners, what is necessary for the development of the Russian economy. This leads to the improvement of teaching methods. In the advanced universities implemented an innovative approach to higher education. Therefore, the professional level of the modern pro means not only the ability to solve common tasks, but also the ability to improve their own knowledge and technology. Globalization of economic space affects many areas, including the global energy market. For the modern professional in the field of technical English is not only means of communication but also a source of intellectual, cultural and professional development. Communication with foreign colleagues is becoming commonplace in many areas of professional activity. Your speech should be clear and convincing, you should be able to communicate in meetings and negotiations with customers and suppliers, focusing in professional terminology, to climb the corporate ladder and improve your skills. If you are a researcher and you want to be noticed, you have to say about your works on the conference or to publish an article in a foreign magazine. However, even in your native country the knowledge of English is necessary: it is necessary to read the technical literature, to understand the meaning of the terms. In recent years it is difficult to learn and to compete with other professionals in the leading technical universities in Russia without the knowledge of a foreign language.

Foreign language is important in various fields. If you are an expert who knows the English language, you will be valued doubly. You find it easier to get a job, the prospects of working in foreign companies are opened in front of you. If you want a honor and influence not only in the immediate neighborhood, but also abroad, the knowledge of a foreign language will be an excellent basis for your career development.