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People in modern society are in a state of continuous change and development. One of the negative tendencies of the modern developing society in Russia is manifestation of racism. The increase of crimes is motivated by racial intolerance and cruelty to people of other races and nationalities.

Racism is a serious problem looming over Russia. You can notice it both in the private conversations of ordinary people, and in the speeches of some stars, politicians and entertainers. There are also a vast number of Internet communities, blogs and websites that promote racism. On their pages you can find the promotional material that is configured against people of other nationalities. But racism is not limited by threats and discussions. Fights and scuffles occur frequently on hate for other races. The initiators can be both Russian, and visitors. In general, it is not surprising, because one violence leads to another, thereby creating a virtuous circle of hatred and suffering. The worst thing is that racism can cause the formation of extremist groups. And then small fights escalate into large-scale raids aimed at cleaning areas, markets and metro. In this case the victims are not only «non-Russians», but also bystanders or passers-by.

Statistics suggests that many drug dens and points are controlled by the guests from other countries. This raises the aggression of the Russian population and over time develops into a nationalist movement.

Our society is developing rather quickly, but people become immoral, ruthless, not taking others for similar. We are no different from the natives of desert countries, who were ready to kill a stranger, to torture him only because he was not of their tribe. And the majority don’t even ponder, «how does it differ from me? And if I were in his place?» We have forgotten that we are surrounded by people like us. How can we demand a good relationship to ourselves sometimes doing inappropriate things to other people?