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We have recently been thinking about negative human impact at environment [2]. Not only manufactories influence on ecology but homes are not ecologically pure as well. High consumption of electric and natural recourses causes harmful effects on ecology. Fortunately this problem has a solution. Green building has recently appeared in our country and has already developed in large scale. Eco-development is a construction industry which includes buildings and exploitations constrictions with minimal impact at environment. To my mind, the main aim of this industry is to minimize degree consumption of recourses (energetic and natural) during structure “life”: choosing an area for designing, building works, exploitation, repairs, demolition. Green building has also an aim to increase building quality and indoor environment comfort. These factors are achieved by:

- Effective use of energy and water recourses;

- Use of ecological safe building materials;

- Reduction of waste, harmful emissions and another effect at environment;

- Using of local building materials (damage reduction of transportation materials);

- Using of renewable energy sources for providing energy requirements (sun energy, energy of wind, geothermal energy);

- Using materials with high index of energy efficiency and energy saving.

In addition we should remember that a positive result of use of «Green» standards must be evaluated not only from the position of economic convenience but from the position of positive influence on the environment and people health [1].