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Choosing a career is not simple matter because you choose one of the most important things in your life. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 2000 existing in the world. It’s especially difficult if you like doing different things, if you have different hobbies and interests. Also it is important to suit your career. It’s important when your career is your vocation in life. Skill, persistence and many other qualities are required in any job. Everyone has skills and talent but yours may not be so obvious. Make a list of your interests, talents and abilities. Most people have a lot of these but they are undeveloped and may not seem outstanding [2]. By concentrating on a few or on one you may surprise yourself how good you can yet. The interest inventory that follows covers the major fields in which most people find careers: science, art, social service and so on.

But also in modern society there are problems in choosing and finding a job. The problem of youth employment is very actual nowadays. Most of young people in Russia get higher education. They all go to institutes or universities. But the quality of education nowadays leaves much to be desired. As a result the country will have a lot of specialists especially doctors, managers and lawyers. But their quality will be very low [1]. The other problem is that of finding working places for a great number of specialists. The Federal Government should do something about this problem. Creating those places for young people is the burning question now. There must be a lot of new plants, hospitals and other enterprises for all graduates.