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Living in the modern world people try to go away from stuffy and dusty megalopolises and be near nature. For this reason we can see a lot of different houses in the forests and also on the coast of lakes, seas and other ponds. But some special judges of nature find the decision in constructing houses on the water. House on the water is a real perspective of ordinary dwelling, but it is filled with romanticism, freedom and beautiful view from the window. If we systemize all constructions that are called “houses on the water” we get some types of swimming facilities that we can use for regular accommodation [1].

Float house is the cheapest variant. The pontoons are combined into a single platform, bear a very residential structure. They do not corrode, are well kept afloat. On this basis there is an opportunity of the house construction on the individual project. Barge as a living space. Old barges may be converted into living spaces, or you can even order a new barge from the factory for this purpose. This type of housing has already proven itself in the old and new world, but our people are still cautious about such prospects. Specialized homes. These houses are a compromise between a yacht and a private country house, which move within some inner reservoir. It has two floors where you can live and it can move at a speed about 20 km / h. Landing stage is a house on concrete platforms that allow you to bring virtually any ideas of the architect. It is one of the most expensive dwellings; landing stages operate autonomously with their own communications, but if it’s necessary they can be connected to the municipal communications with special permission. These houses are an excellent decision for those who value their personal space, freedom and privacy, who would like a quiet and comfortable life close to nature.