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The charity of Great Britain exists more than 400 years. It was founded by Theodore’s family, who began to promote the idea of philanthropy among aristocrats and merchants. The peak of its development was in 18- 19 centuries. It was a period of involving the middle class in charity. If we speak about modern period of time, we can boldly say, that nowadays the charity becomes an integral part of Britain’s life. Not only members of Royal Family and famous persons take part in charity, but also ordinary citizens. About 70 % of population regularly allots money on the charity.

As for the Royal Family its role consists in the patronage of the charity organizations. Thus the Queen is the patron of more than 500 such organizations. For example, Action for children, Cancer Research UK, Red Cross and so on. Princess Diana actively took up the charity. She did a lot to attract the attention of community to the problems of homeless, physically challenged and human with immunodeficiency virus.

There are different forms of aiding in Britain. Charity funds realize different auctions, where famous people also take part. Famous sportsmen take part every year in the events of national scope – in London’s Marathon. They perform from the name of different charity organizations, which have the right to buy the assured places in the overshoot. All collected money from the heat is devoted to the charity. It’s the biggest action of fundraising which is led every year.

As for citizens of Great Britain, first of all, they lead the national actions to devote the money. The day of Red Nose is well-known and was led from the 1988. People donate money buying red noses. Brought facilities are sent to help to needy and invalids in Great Britain and Africa. Many schools take part in this activity. It was collected about 7, 7 million pounds in 2009.

To sum up I want to tell that the wide part of the population takes part in the charity of Great Britain. From the childhood children are get to know with the idea of compassion and mercy. There are different national holidays where every person can give their own mite in the devoting of money.