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The royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton was an important event not only for Great Britain, but also for the whole world. It took place on April, 29 in 2012 in Westminster abbey. So, I would like to present you the most interesting facts about this royal wedding.

Kate Middleton was born on January, 9 in 1982 and she is more senior than her spouse William for the whole 6 months. Marrying in twenty nine years, Kate became the latest and adult royal bride in the British history.

During the wedding, on the head of princesses surely there has to be a tiara. And Kate Middleton didn’t become an exception – this accessory was put on by all British monarchs. The ring with sapphire which we noticed for a long time on Kate Middleton’s finger, is an official relic of royal family over 160 years! The dress of the bride was created by the British fashion designer Sara Burton. The three-meter loop became so interesting feature and the wedding dress very reminds a wedding dress of the American actress Grace Kelly during her wedding with the prince of Monaco. The snow-white dress with lacy sleeves and a traditional long loop combines fidelity to English traditions and modern tastes of the bride. By the ancient tradition the longer the loop is, the happier longer the life will be.

The prince William dressed a red uniform of the colonel of the Irish Guard on a ceremony, as He already has this honorary title. Also order of the Garter, a star and the Gold anniversary medal flaunted on his jacket.

The cost of a royal wedding made more than one hundred million dollars, but the profit was more than one hundred seventy seven million dollars. Instead of throwing a wedding bouquet to crowd of unmarried girls, Kate placed the flowers to the monument of the Unknown Soldier. And, at last, since that moment as Kate Middleton said “Yes!” in Westminster abbey it is possible to call her only the princess Catherine!