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Interactive entertainments have entered our life. Almost everyone nowadays has a small pocket computer – a smart phone, personal computer or video game console at home. All this platforms offer you to visit fictional universes, take part in rescuing the whole world or visit the places where a man has never been. Every year games become more complicated, sceneries much deeper and they get closer to the status of art. So, how actually games are developed, how universes are created and filled with life?

Every game is a programme that works with the data given to it where everything depends on this data: what the characters look like, what the world sounds like and what physical rules are correct. The central core of everything is a game engine. In this way, the game without data is the game engine, a programme which has an amount of tools for displaying graphics on the screen, playing sounds, music and reading required data. There are a lot of specialists involved in the development of games: 2D/3D-artists, programmers, musicians and sound engineers, animators and writers. The artists create a visual representation of the world. The main task is to create such an image, that players should believe in. The programmers work about the engine, create its architecture and develop how to pack the data in different file formats. For example, it has to be the format for 3d model, 2d image (called texture), sound file etc. Also they develop the game logic, they make the world behave in the right way. The musicians and sound engineers make the world sound as it should do because the sound is one of the ways to believe in the reality of the virtual world. The writers create a story which is full of events linked with each other making a logical chain in the story. The animators make the entertainment world alive. Otherwise it will be the sequence of a static image and it will be dead.

Thus the more popular the games are, the more responsible the game developers should be for their ideas, which they fill the games with.