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One of the richest people in Australia, billionaire Clive Palmer will realize his dream and build the exact copy of the cruise liner “The Titanic” that drown down during her first flight on April 14, 1912 after the fatal collision with an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. She will be more beautiful and glorious than the original one, assured the 58-years-old businessman [1, 59].

“But the “stuffing” will be new; she will be equipped with navigation and security systems according to the latest technology.” According to Palmer’s plan the new vessel will be similar like two drops to her predecessor, which was launched on the shipyard “Harland and Wolfe” in Northern Ireland, Belfast over a century ago. However, bear in mind the sad fate of “The Titanic”, the new version of the passenger liner is decided to equip with the most modern marine equipment. So, cabins will be equipped with air conditioning, a small hospital and a helipad will be presented on board of the ship. But Palmer wishes there was not Internet and TV on board.

According to the multimillionaire’s plan passengers will be able to find clothes in the style of early XX century in each cabin, which will allow them to “experience on board the original liner”. The new ship will have cabins of three classes as well as “The Titanic” had. The gymnasium and swimming pool are expected to be identical to those areas that were on the ship in 1912. However, “modern alternatives” will be added to a new replica. Security system will carry out significant changes on board the liner according to Palmer’s plans [2, 22].

It worth mentioning that on the night of 15 April 1912, when “The Titanic” drown down after collision with an iceberg there were 2224 persons, but there were only 16 lifeboats. They could fit only 1178 people. As a result, about 1500 people sank that night. Recently Palmer has presented drawings of the future liner. The vessel’s length will be up to 270 meters (269.1 – of “The Titanic”), 9 decks will accommodate 850 cabins. The capacity of “The Titanic II” will be up to 2.6 thousand passengers. “The Titanic” seated 2556 people, which were served by 908 crew members. Approximately 900 employees will serve the new ship. On the modern ship the heating pipes will be left, but they will not be used.

In general, Mr. Palmer cannot be called a superstitious man. Presentation of drawings was opened by the song of Celine Dion from the famous James Cameron’s movie. The company which is the owner of the mines on extraction of iron ore, coal and nickel in Australia will serve the operation of the future liner. It is called the Blue Star Line. In 1912 “The Titanic” owned to the White Star Line. It is expected that construction of the new ship will be completed in the second half of 2016. She was produced in China. According to Palmer’s plan the demand for tickets to the liner is very high, many of people are already ready to give $1 million to get on the first flight to New York [3, 139].

Moreover, the new liner will completely repeat the route of the old one. She will come from the English port of Southampton and in six days, of course, if everything is well, will come to New York. “We will complete the journey. We will sail to New York on the ship that is designed for this purpose”, said Palmer to journalists. The Australian was not brave promising to the new ship long life: “Any ship will sink if she gets the hole”. However, global warming has done its work, and icebergs on the route of the liner cannot be found [4, 119].